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Code'n'run PHP. Everywhere.

Kodiak PHP: iPad app for developers with offline PHP code execution.

Available on the App Store


Kodiak PHP is one of 20 Best iPhone and iPad apps of the week.

~ The Guardian

Being able to write and test your code in the same app is sure to be a killer feature.

~ Cult of Mac

Kodiak is a light-weight but powerful run-time environment for PHP and Javascript coders. And it’s kickass.

~ iGeeksBlog

Other features

Full-featured file manager
Stop execution anytime
Full Retina support
External keyboard support
Examples and demos
Bear power included

Useful links

Pricing & Download

Available on the App Store

Kodiak PHP is available for download now.

Just $9.99

Offline PHP execution

Native PHP interpreter on iPad, finally! Run your code without an internet connection, anywhere. We included many popular PHP extensions, like curl, mysql, bcmath, iconv, json, libxml, PDO, sqlite and many more.

Editor with perfect syntax highlighting

Colors, colors everywhere. The editor is fast, can handle even large documents and your code is highlighted as you type. You can immediately see your code's syntax.

Multiple open files in tabs

Switch between files with a single tap! Of course, you can include other files from your PHP code.

Navigation key

Enjoy the easiest way to navigate through your document. Select text precisely with a double-tap-and-drag.

Comfortable keyboard with swipe buttons

No more keyboard switching. All thinkable punctuation, brackets and symbols available with a swipe gesture. Swipe buttons and key arrangement inspired by Textastic, a great text editor for iPad.

bear bee

Component freebies



Our universal keyboard extension is perfect for almost all programming languages. Also includes our navigation key for the easiest possible navigation.

GitHub repository



Ever wanted to have multiple tabs in your app? No problem with this component.

GitHub repository

Tree structure

Tree structure

This component can display directories or any other hierarchical data. We use it to select destination folder. What will you use it for?

GitHub repository



Browse through folders, show files' size and date, tap the icon to show the toolbox, ...

GitHub repository

Future is roaring!

Tell us what is your favorite coding language. Guess why. :-)