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Frequently asked questions

This is the place where you can find answers to the questions we get asked most often. If you want to ask something else or if you have any suggestion, use our contact form or drop us an e-mail at support@becomekodiak.com.

Kodiak PHP FAQ

What PHP extensions are included? Does it support XML, cURL, ...?

We bundled a lot of extension like bcmath, iconv, json, libxml, PDO, sqlite and more. You can see the complete list of extensions with a lot of other information in the phpinfo listing.

Do you have database support? Can I use MySQL?

Currently we support local SQLite databases through these extensions: SQLite3, SQLite and PDO. MySQL support is planned for one of the next versions.

Can I import my project into Kodiak PHP? What about FTP and Dropbox support?

In the current version we don't have FTP or Dropbox because of Apple's restrictions. They don't allow code-executing apps to also import the code. We are currently working on a solution to allow importing files.

There is, however, an unofficial solution: iFunBox is a desktop software that allows you to upload/download files from iPhone/iPad directly, without the app's support.

Kodiak JavaScript FAQ

What libraries are included in Kodiak JavaScript?

The following libraries and framework are currently bundled in Kodiak JavaScript: